We're  All About Having Fun!

If you're hoping to meet others, share challenges and are looking for moral support, these mini-workshops are great for retirees! Our coaching webinars dare like-minded women to re-invent and re-discover their true selves. 

We're here to a webcast series on positive lifestyle topics, each designed for the baby boomer in mind, to reach and grow in a safe and non-judgemental environment. 

Categories below are presented in a three or four part session,   30-45  minutes each.  A few of the more popular offerings include: 

Halt the Aging Process

Happiness: What is It? 

Resilience Training:
Boundaries and Bridges

Guide to A Wholehearted Life 

Embracing Your Age

Are You Lonely or Alone?

Dreams: The Slight Edge 

Your Life Script 

Group directors and managers are encouraged to come aboard with us to grow and bring these unique and creative mini-workshops to your retirees  

Once you 'get it' you can master and unload  harmful feelings that choke, and re-create a healthier, stronger and more youthful attitude.  By attending a workshop,  choices regarding motivation, relationships, communication, exercise, assertiveness, personal development, anti-aging and emotional intelligence are often included in our conversations. We focus on what is important to you and turn challenges into changes to create a greater you! . 

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