It all began when...


It all began in 2006, when  its founder, Jaye Wurtzel, created a life skills lecture program for mentally challenged adults who would benefit from health care information with specialized support. After initially delivering about 100 workshops, she recognized the healing impact of hosting these mini-workshops, as discussions  led to much  healthier lifestyles; emphasis was placed upon a greater freedom of choice, self-discovery, channeling positive behaviors, beliefs and attitudes, issues of reduced stress, anger management and control, improved communication,  boundary development and goal setting. This program became the model for future workings with older women, as the major model for Women Growing Older Gracefully. 

Jaye had also created a  life skills program for teenagers. The techniques for preventing negativity: alcohol abuse, poor school performance, bullying and similar issues adolescents were among the programs created. It included:

  •   Self Confidence Building,
  •   Learning about Emotions and Better Communication
  •   Improving Peer Relationships and Keeping Friends
  •   Strengthening Family
  •   Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Decision Making, and
  •   Setting Goals for Healthy Living.

Each  topic (above) hosts  6-8 individual classes. Students grow to manage and improve  core values through discussion  and practicing skills involving empathy, helping to create community, and reflecting on life experiences while forming caring relationships. 

In 2012, Jaye re-envisioned additional informational sessions for pre-retired and senior women. Lunch & Learns, covering topics of interest to  this aging population, , directed to those needing to re-invent themselves . 

Topics include: women's empowerment, eating better to live right, boosting brain power, positive thinking, , lifestyle and happiness, friendships and several others. Her infamous "Lunch & Learns" serve in a sharing and caring environment , with"how to" tools for growing older gracefully.  Categories in more than 100 Lunch & Learn topics are about Imaginative sessions focus on improved self-discipline, responsibility, utilizing better judgment & boundary setting, improving communications, diet, exercise, time management :

  • Maintaining your Health
  • Body Beautiful
  • Aging is Changing
  • Exercise and Improved Lifestyle
  • Healthy Boundary Setting
  • Having Fun!

About Jaye M Wurtzel, Founder of Women Growing Older Gracefully:

Jaye has a BA in Public Administration, with a minor in Gerontological Studies, and MEd from NC Central Uiversity. Now retired, she was a public school teacher in early childhood and BMH (Behavioral & Mentally Handicapped) middle school children. 

As recreation therapist, Jaye developed and instiuted psycho-social and activities programs for seniors in nursing homes for 10 years While raising her daugher as a single  parent, she served as a foster parent, owned and operated a home day care and became a public school teacher after obtaining a BS at age 45.  She is currently a senior life health coach, serving women in Raleigh, NC.

If you would like to discuss connecting your group with oneormore of our programs, you may contact her at

" This group stands apart from others I have joined by offering high quality in its gatherings. Jaye has enormous energy and creativity and wonderful ideas that result in really outstanding gatherings which attract really outstanding ladies! " Jan O., Cary, NC.

"Once again, thank you, Jaye ! I kept thinking about the things you talked about today (Lunch & Learn : Embrace Your Age) ). Finally, I decided that I needed to make some notes about what I was feeling on this journey. I learned a lot about where I am and what I want."  Nita M., Raleigh, NC