Aging Gracefully

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When people talk about growing older gracefully, it's not uncommon to ask what that actually means or if it is actually does happen. How does one accomplish this? Who’s measuring, and how do they do it? There are so many messages about aging, that to age gracefully is to ask someone about the ‘elephant in the room”; it can be both scary and difficult to measure or carry out.


For one thing, being...

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Are You a Lone Wolf?

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I'd like to reach out to a few folks who may be having a difficult time ... 

When a person is lonely, enough to become isolated from others, it can weigh heavily on a person and eventually become exhausting and sad! It might be because in adding oneself to this group of virtual strangers, you become leery of others and feel it difficult to share, especially if you don't know others well enough or at all. 


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What Does Growing Older Gracefully Actually Mean?

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When people talk about getting older gracefully, it's not uncommon to ask."What does that mean? How do we accomplish this? Who’ s measuring this and how do they do it? There are so many mixed messages about aging in itself, that grappling with this ‘elephant in the room” can be both scary and difficult to measure or execute. Many people  have heard what's expected from  both the past generation and are working on a  new definition of aging. W...

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Friends...Where Would I Be Without Them?

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It seems to me that the older we get, the less often we get to see our friends. That's what they say, anyway. I certainly hope it isn’t  really true of  gals in our Women Growing Gracefully group! Instead, their vision s to welcome and encourage new friendships among retired and semi-retired acquaintances.

We’re the group of pals who  remind about what we're all about, who we are and who seem to know us better t...

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Keeping Christmas Simple

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We have cut way back on the gift giving and it is much better for us in ALL ways,as it's less about the presents and more about time with loved ones. 

Today's vignette is about my six year old grand daughter who was tickled silly when I was able to regale a tale about her great grandfather who celebrated Christmas during the depression as an orphan. She was amazed and taken aback when I described his experiences living on a farm in upstate NY. The most inter...

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Have a Little Kindness

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And so, today is World Kindness Day! Wishes here ...that we continue to spread kindness' to those we don't yet know very well or haven't yet met, by looking around the corner, in Raleigh.

I was heart warmed, today, by a member of 2 years, who has only been to visit with us once, due to her health issues. She texted to say "You haven't walked away as so may do , because it's busy world and you haven't lost sight of what it's really about...people. She continued, "To me, every day is a ki...

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The Aging Puzzle

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It appears to me that with all the knowledge and wisdom we have gained by gracing ourselves on this planet, we are approaching an aging experience that is actually much like working a puzzle. ...

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Have a long life!

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Don’t we all want to live to a long age and be healthy at the same time?  I find I'm haunted to make a call of action as I begin the journey along this senior trail called retirement.. I find myself in myself a  "call to action" as I begin the journey with some increased sense of purpose and peaceful thinking, although I often catch myself asking what I need to do to l carry me through to a more fulfilling life,

It would seem that sitting back and enjoy...

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Get Motivated!

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Oh. What about that donut or sweet roll that’s calling my name or must I opt to order the boring and hard to chew salad that’s being offered at the deli? Is my ever widening belly ever going to slim down to a relatively trim size?

Shall I stay at home to watch the football game on TV or make that date with friends to play tennis and get some real exercise? Temptation sets in and I lack the willingness and willpower to do the right thing.

The AP...

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Empty Nester's Embrace the Newness

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Now that the kids are gone, I could be faced with feelings of loss and the possibility that my life is empty. But that's not really the case.  However, this feeling was once real and took some time to overcome. Given a few hints and prods by friends. new discoveries have been mustered up. I must now think about myself instead of the children that are gone, and find some treats, like getting a newly styled haircut and pedicure...

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