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Posted by on April 19, 2015 at 1:45 PM

It’s absolutely brilliant to come to the realization that getting older isn’t as appalling as people make it out to be. Being much more mature than ever before, and enjoying retirement, has turned out to be a step up from those earlier life stages. Now, contentment and confidence have become good friends of mine.

There seems to be an epidemic of women who worry about their future. At least half of them seem to be unsure of what the aging process will bring or we often believe we must stay young in order to be loveable.

I can wear comfortable clothes without needing to show off the latest style and not trot about in painful high heels, worried that my pantyhose is twisted and my purse doesn’t match the outfit. Being older brings a good measure of gracefulness without having to ‘fit in’ with anybody.

Instead, those comfortable life clothes do not present a ‘situation’ in the midst of under dressing, nor do I get alarmed about what others think of my wardrobe. A real pleasure.

It has always been essential for me to be happy, and as I age, I’m also comfortable in my own skin. What is different, now, is an increased ability to deal with those crises, those feelings, and the inevitable changes they bring to our daily lives.

Then there’s the opportunity to come and go as I please. I don’t have to out race anyone, nor do I suffer from road rage. Instead, I can ‘pinch the peaches’ at my leisure and not worry about trying to beat the clock.

Life is simply too short to argue, as one begins to realize that skirmishes with others need not turn into a full scathed out war. And when we hide our feelings, we are lying to ourselves and to each other. It's important to be honest about what we are feeling. All one needs to do is ask if you’d rather be right or happy. I’ll go for the latter.

Statistics report walking as one of the best exercises. Youth can suffer the marathons, the lifting of weights and traction machines. A 30-40 minute daily rendezvous outside suits me just fine. I think kthey call it 'smelling the roses'. And then, there’s nothing better than to curl up and read a good book; maybe take a short snooze once in awhile.

I’ve learned, over the years, that you don’t have to be good at everything. But, with a kind of 'good gratitude' feeling for everything, you live in a wonderful world., because it is experienced as living in joy. It allows a person to become less materialistic, more optimistic, with happier memories  and an increase in friendships.

Life can be as exciting as you want it to be! Growing older does not present a problem for me.

Our Growing Older with Grace sessions help redefine aging and challenge traditional approaches to ask seniors about making wise choices and  determine ways to continue to lead productive, gratifying lives. One hour workshops are designed to address nutrition, physical and mental fitness, community links, lifelong learning, health and spirituality, social relationships, leisure time, recreations skills, and self-empowerment.


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