Your Bridge To Somewhere New

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We are strong and determined women. We nurture, we give life, and often, we are satisfied sitting on the sidelines making sure that those we love are healthy and happy. As such, we need to keep ourselves in check in order to maintain our self-care, self-value and self-importance.

However, if in your 60's, you are more vibrant, visible, and vital than ever before, as “midlife crisis” and early retirement can present a challenge. At the same time, and as we move from one life stage to another, bridges are built from where we have been to where we are going.

Please understand we run from not who we were but to who we about to become. New roles pop up and it is time to give thought to a new purpose in life. While keeping the wisdom to uncover and act upon your innermost passion, here are  additional issues that matter:

o Restructure priority in what is most important to you.

o When you make a big transition in your life, take your time.

o Changing too many things at once can be stressful.

o  Pick your own itinerary. You can’t merely live up to what others think of you. If you try to conform, you’re going to waste your life, compared to what you might have done with it.

o Maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally as long as possible.

o Accept that life in retirement should be filled with personal satisfaction. Accept the reality that this shift from work will not be perfect nor easy. 

o Make the choice make hopes real. 

o Do the things you love and with who you’d like to do them with.

o Remain open to the unlimited options the world has to offer.

o Make your retirement personal. One size does not fit all.

o Seek the unfamiliar and the unknown. Continually explore the power of opportunity, the power of self-determination, and the power to do something simple or new every day.

Now may be the best time to begin a renewed investment into your health, well-being, fitness and longevity. After years of working, retirement is a great time to recreate this best life. The road is sometimes rough, yet burning the old and building new bridges may help you gain the confidence needed to move forward. 


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