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Cherish Our Girlfriends

Posted by jayemerill@live.com on February 17, 2020 at 3:25 PM


When people talk about getting older gracefully, it's not uncommon to ask."What does that mean? How do we accomplish this? Who’ s measuring this and how do they do it? There are so many mixed messages about aging gracefully, that grappling with this ‘elephant in the room” can be both scary and difficult to measure or execute.

Perhaps aging gracefully doesn't necessarily have to refer to age or appearance, but rather the attitude people have as they go through the various stages of life. Do you fall into thinking about the phrase “Aging Gracefully” to mean, something like "Looking old, but embracing it" or "Showing signs of aging, but still powering forward with life" ?

We all have the same need to survive and maintain ourselves, but a youthful attitude is helpful, as everyone must eventually recognize a decline in vitality (wrinkles, balding, loss of muscle mass and tone, diminishing vision and gray hair, high blood pressure, anxiety). Aging gracefully doesn't mean you have to wear your wrinkles with pride - instead, you need to do whatever is necessary to stride into your older years with confidence. For many, it means taking steps to make your outside appearance match the way you feel on the inside.

If you feel energetic and youthful internally, it comes down to personal needs and desires. And so, I challenge you to begin to look at new ways to practice growing beyond your intelligence and try to bring a greater understanding for how to best stall the progression of age.

I have been quite successful by offering mini workshops from the group, Women Growing Older Gracefully, to help redefine the aging route and challenge traditional approaches as we ask ladies to make improved choices about their wellbeing.

Many of us have had our share of friendships or marriages that have ultimately failed and we absorbed just how much that kind of loss can hurt. But rather than dwell upon our losses, we have learned to reassure those relationships that have succeeded, standing the test of time.

We also remain ready and willing to entrust our hearts to new friends. We women know that it is only within the context of friendship that we truly grow and learn as people. There are few things as joyous as a reunion of comrades, and few emotions as exhilarating as the excitement of meeting new people and discovering we have much in common with them.

We have come to cherish our girlfriends, viewing them as members of our extended families.

We have a whole lot of experience to share as we age together and I hope you can stick with us as we traverse through our group discussions and that you continue, both physically and psychologically, to grow, and find special meaning to the art of growing older gracefully. You see, it is through continued conversations amongst ourselves, together, which makes the most sense about how best to grow old.



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