We’ve created workshops that add more flavor in the lives of ladies growing older, by asking them to challenge  traditional approaches to create and re-imagine  wise choices about their future health and happiness.

Each of us, no matter  our race, age, creed or color, seeking joy, need to think about greeting and opening the door of opportunity, so come on in to our workshops and activities where we've decided to become renegade retired's!.

We highly encourage you to join us, to zero in on  moral support, monitor inner beliefs , to come up with an individually amazing plan. for those later years in life.

One hour Lunch & Learn sessions are filled with skills of life principles , coupled with  psycho-social information  and  lively  conversations about life and it's experiences.

Many of our programs are free, while others are offered at a nominal fee . Whether seniors  want to develop healthy eating habits, become more physically active, learn to live better with a chronic health condition, or simply relax , we’ve got a workshop for your group  !

Women Growing Older Gracefully offers special rates to women's clubs and organizations. For a complete list of more than 150 program descriptions,  you may contact Jaye at, jayemerill@live.com.