Jaye Wurtzel


Jaye has a BA in Public Administration, with a minor in Gerontological Studies, and MEd from NC Central Uiversity. Now retired, she was a public school teacher in early childhood and BMH (Behavioral & Mentally Handicapped) middle school children. 

As recreation therapist, Jaye developed and instituted psycho-social programs for 10 years While raising her daughter as a single  parent. She's , served as a foster parent, owned a home day care. 

Her career spans more than 30 years working with multi-generational populations, from toddlers and pre-school children to teaching teens with emotional handicaps, 

She holds a BS in Public Administration, minor in Gerontology and a MEd; BEH  (grades K-12), both from NC Central University, Durham, NC. and is  a senior life health coach,

Elizabeth Singh

Marketing Director

Elizabeth graduated from Peace University, in 2014, with a BA in Marketing. She is  currently a mother of 3 children and lives in Apex, NC